Certification Documentation

I’m sure that, like me, many of you are very proud of their WeVideo certification. Regarding this, I have a question. Besides the Badge, is there any way of having any documentation that we could use to share our achievement with our school administrative staff? This way we could get some documentation of our self-motivated Professional Development.

Is there a possibility?

Thanks for considering!

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Thanks for reaching out about this @luis.fernando.pertuz.escribano Somehow this question slipped through the cracks. Love that idea! :star_struck: Are you thinking like a certificate of participation? We’re exploring offering those for our webinars. Would that help? See upcoming webinars here: https://pages.wevideo.com/webinars

@luis.fernando.pertuz.escribano I’ve downloaded the WeVideo Certificate badge that I’ve received and use it in my school email signature. :slight_smile: :smiley: This way it also shows I’m WeVideo Certified to whatever level is current.

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I have too, but I’d love to be able to share with my leadership with something a little more “official” and substantial than a badge. Maybe a PDF certificate I could mail and maybe print to place on my corkboard.

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@luis.fernando.pertuz.escribano great idea! :partying_face:

Great idea! Any update on this request?

Hey @sara.bright :sunglasses: Thanks for checking in. All of our virtual event attendees have received certificates of participation issues by WeVideo. Please let me know if you’re missing any.